So what of a thought that hasn’t been contrived?
I know I am here now, but am I here more than once?
Can we know all that happens when knowing what happens creates what happens?
So if we are falling now, if we always have been falling, can we stop falling?
You can live a dream, but can you dream a life?
If we have the answer, why do we ask the question?
Will what I do now undo what I do then, what I did then, in the future?
Can you take time when time doesn’t wait?
Was I here or was I home?
Is what’s happening just pretend?
Why was I trying to go where I’ve never been?
What do I do, what will I do, or what have I done?
Can you go further then you’ve ever thought of going?
What can someone from the past teach someone from the future? 
Why do we run away from what we need and then search for what we ran from?
How can we miss what we never knew we had?
Is time running out or are we running out of time?
If we force ourselves can we move in other directions of time?
Who can endure longer a man living in his past or a man dying to find his future?
Can our perception of where we’ve been change our perspective of where we’re going?
Will you try to try when trying is trying?
Can time fly by when nothing’s being done?
Was correcting my course the correct course of action?
What happens when you lose track of what track you’re on?
Can we find out where we are when we are nowhere to be found?
What could we remember if conversations had no limitations?
Can we be asleep to our situation but conscious of the consequence our sleeping creates?
If we choose to ignore our ignorance will we succeed or will we fail to find our happiness? 
If I can see what you mean, are you suggesting what is seen?
Why do we trouble ourselves with not making trouble for ourselves?
When we make time for someone and make changes in their lives, are we changing time?
How do we lose time when there is no time to lose?
If we fail to recall the past, can history ever happen?
Do we let our future slide by when we slip up in the past?
Why am I calmly waiting on edge for an amelioration that’s sure to be brewing?
Why are we so interested in the comings and goings of people we’ve never met?

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