I am a traveler, trying to find my place in time and space.

I Know Now
Just a Dream
Home Again
Cornered In
Measure Meant
Moving On
Try Nothing
Back Up
Binary Blitz
Know Way
Times Zero
Outfall Fallout


She is the light of my life and my reason for living.

I Fell For It
Wait For It
Jump For It
Arise Fair Sun
Foe Pause
Act Too


He is a wise old man of the past.

It Happens to Be
Past Tense
End Game
Rain Man
Such Is Life
Their Here
Stranger Still
Shaded Past
Vary Much
Miss Take


He is the young man hiding under a hood.

Here and Now
Ask Knot
Let’s Pretend
Rain Reign
Cruise Control
Back Track
Read Alert
Walk About

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    • Isaac
      20110224 at 1906

      wow! I thought this blog was dead… Thanks for the feedback!

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