I am from the future.
I am here in your time, in my time, the only time I remember.
I am not any different from you or anyone else.
I am a man who has fallen in time.
I am living my dreams.
I am searching for answers.
I am in danger of being done.
I am waiting on time.
I am seeing my past by remembering my future.
I am alive and well.
I am going out of my mind.
I am down and out.
I am out of control.
I am learning from the past.
I am attached to being here.
I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
I am calculating a future time.
I am moving on through time.
I am always somewhere, at some time.
I am here and there at the same time.
I am endeavoring to disembark.
I am wondering about my wandering.
I am determined to make determinations.
I am on track to get offline.
I am looking forward to the unanticipated future.
I am conversing and inversing at the same time.
I am asleep but not unconscious.
I am reluctant to owe only what I know.
I am the forecast of a future foundation.
I am the production of a present phenomenon.
I am altering the alternatives.
I am losing my misplacements.
I am being propelled to the past.
I am descending into the future.
I am irritated with my contentedness.
I am shadowing my pursuits.

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