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Sleep Err

I am at all times somewhere but cannot be everywhere for even some of the time.  I will, for all time, be somewhere.  Sometimes, somewhere I want to be.  Sometimes, somewhere I don’t want to be.  Sometimes, I’m somewhere else but I’m always somewhere. Sometimes someone is somewhere, somehow, for some reason.  I don’t know when I am or what I am or where I am or how and why I’m here.  I travel in the dark. Yet, I know I’m here, somewhere. I’m here, I’m there, but I can’t be everywhere at all times.

Wandering in the dark, how will I know when I’ve arrived at my destination?

I don’t sleep walk, yet I travel in my sleep. In my dreams I journey to my future. While in slumber I encompass visions of my past. I knew something was different about the way the power came back on.  A large booming sound is fitting for throwing the switch of lights in a stadium or large factory but a sound that powerful seems inappropriate to enlighten my place in time and space.

A system is developed from processes continually doing something. When something isn’t being done, processing stops. Time is a system of processes. In order for time to progress, something has to be happening. If nothing happens, time stops. I proved this point by doing nothing. Something happened when nothing happened. I hit my head when attempting to do nothing, which was something. Something I couldn’t have planned for, something I couldn’t have made myself do. Something wasn’t expected when I was supposed to do nothing.

Coordinates are set by the coordination of constants. Something is either on or it’s off. There can be only two absolute positions. Dead or alive, black or white, on or off; we are in a binary world. Where we are now is the result of the right and wrong positions of where we’ve been. Where we go can only be determined by the switches we place now. Doing this instead of that puts us in an either/or situation. Stopping to start turns something on and something else off.

I am asleep or I am awake, I cannot be both. I’m in the dark or in the light. I either know or I don’t. The switch is on or the switch is off. I control the position of the switch. The networking of my life is under my command. The power is in my hands.

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