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Lead Ding

I am being followed. I suppose that makes me the leader. I’m glad he’s finally following me but I’ll pretend not to notice. It is so incredibly obvious when someone is trying to follow you, especially in this city. This is my city. This is where I make what happens, happen.

I went into the grocer’s, of course, that’s where I knew he’d be. That’s where I would lay the bait and watch him bite. I walked into the store pretending to talk to myself or to a Bluetooth buddy everyone seems to chatting with these days.

I rambled words like reception and transmission; deception and commission, eventually he fell for it. Looking down and out the corner of my eye I saw him pause, pretending to look at catsup. One of the advantages of wearing dark wrap-around sunglasses is they don’t know you’re looking, when you’re looking.

Two bags of cans, bottles and boxes later I’m off to the bank with my trailer in tow. Here’s where it’ll get really interesting, for him anyway. The bank was soliciting donations for the local food bank, can’t wait till he figures that one out. So, I drop the one bag of cans and non-perishables wait a few minutes and then walk out of the bank; down the stairs and right into his head.

What’s easier, to have someone follow your tracks or your train of thought?  

I must’ve waited an hour for him to show up the next morning. We were footing it; it gave him more time to think. He’s got to be thinking about why I didn’t take the train, that’s good. The train’s not ready yet but it will be.

I knew he wouldn’t follow me into the hospital; he never has, so the next show would have to take place outside, as it did right in front of him. There it was, his landlord jumping out of the back of the ambulance, screaming about not receiving the rent. Right on cue, the body on the stretcher rolled out being ambiguously covered from head to toe. That was a great idea, if I do say so myself.

He’ll be putting it all together soon. He’ll flip when he realizes this was his trip while trying nothing, the collapse of his mind and the injury of his head. There was only one thing left to do that day; I sent him off on his journey into the great unknown. His initial integration was my first decomposition and the last to maneuver on my list. He didn’t have to figure out that the rental car had a faulty transmission, I gave him that one.

I’ve led him down this path, my doing has been done. The rest is up to him; the best is yet to come. It’s just a matter of time.

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