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When Sum

I am disarming my defenselessness. You win some you lose some. With every victory there is a defeat. One will lose the other will win.  Winning isn’t everything; losing isn’t a total loss. In ignorance we lament losing without visualizing our success. There is victory in defeat if we imagine a conquest of the cause. The reasons outweigh the resolutions. We are only injured by an incident if we fail to learn from our mistakes. Experience triumphs over ignorance and time heals all wounds. We fight a losing battle when we put ourselves in a no-win situation. No one can lose a no-win situation; in a no-win situation, winning is nothing. Can we conquer our confrontations without considering the condition of our circumstances? The moon was on the horizon, embraced by the clouds. He reminisced; I listened. He spoke and I took note. I can’t help but think that his story will have a way of repeating itself if I fail to learn from his past. He told me about the war. Watching from the trenches he sees his friends fall to an undetectable enemy. The piercing blasts from the enemy rifles ricochet off the buildings and the trees concealing the hidden nemeses. Entering the battle’s edge he feels the ground softer and his legs heavier. He slowly pushes himself forward; his heart is racing. Even though he moves quickly, running isn’t an option; there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Each succeeding step is more and more difficult to begin. Finally, he arrives at his objective; standing at the axis of death. Lives extinguished in an instant of time. Scanning the bodies that lay mangled under his feet he finds one twitching with limited life. Lifting his friend’s bleeding body over his shoulder he strenuously returns from whence they came. Once over the embankment, he lays him down and goes back for another. On his third return, with another friend’s weight on his back, he gasps for air an instant before hearing the echo of a shot. The bullet ruptures his lung and compresses his chest. Struggling to breathe, they ascend the mound of earth and plummet to the channel below. With his buddies beside him, he has a vision of help moving towards them; his world fades to black.

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