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Fore Lore

I am calmed by calamity. It’s not that bad things happen to good people as much as bad things happen and good people get in the way. I don’t know what happened; I probably never will but whether it was good or not simply depends on my point of view. Good things happen to bad people too. In fact a good thing happening to a bad person is a bad thing happening to a good person. A bad thing that happened to a good person could be a good thing. One man’s good is another man’s bad. Something bad may happen in the past that helps the greater good. Our future may be in jeopardy because we are, at present, negligently living the good life. Will good always be good and bad forever bad or is it just a matter of time?  They met and talked over dinner. It went really well. They really hit it off. In fact you would think by the way they carried on that they had known each other before.  After formalities and introductions, I was pushed out of the picture. Apparently her studies in neurology and his engineering background gave them plenty to talk about. This mysterious BCI project of his was closely related to other research being done at the time; classified research concerning the study of brain waves using electromagnetism. Having very little to offer to the conversation I tried to interject where and whenever I could but failed miserably.  After dinner she sat in the study looking through his journals while he and I washed the dishes. Wiping his eyes with the back of this hand, he told me how he missed her. She always cooked, he always cleaned and while he would be cleaning the kitchen she would be sitting in the study reading. Sometimes she would stay there all night eventually falling asleep in his big brown leather chair. Not wanting to wake her, he would tenderly cover her with their fleece throw. Late in the night, sitting across from her, he would occasionally see her smile in her sleep. He said he never asked her what she dreamt about, but he always believed those smiles were when she dreamt of him. Before we finished, there was a long pause; his eyes stayed closed and I stayed silent. Looking at him remembering her was comforting to me. I realize now that despite whatever it is I can’t remember, I’ll remember this. I remember her, now, I remember this night and the nights we’ve had before; I remember her, here; I remember us now and that’s enough.

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  1. phm
    20090526 at 2241

    Wish I knew who the #expletive# you were. You are good. Very good.

    • 5ws1h
      20090526 at 2258

      Thanks phm,
      I just say it like I see it. Some days I don’t even know who I am.

  2. Jimney Cricket
    20090527 at 0636

    A lot of things are determined by perspective. Your circumstances are good if you see them as such- otherwise the same event could be perceived as bad. It’s good that you have a good perspective on your life and circumstances, such as they are at the moment- but how do you define that good? What makes it good? An interesting thought to ponder…

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