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Walk King

I am sauntered by a stroll. Easy come, easy go. I don’t see how that is so. It’s never with little effort we approach someone and it’s always strenuous to leave them. It isn’t easy when we do it. Even when we take it easy it can be difficult. Being anxious with anxiety doesn’t allow us to calmly consider the consequences. It hasn’t been easy but I’ve made it through the uneasiness I feel. It won’t be easy but I’ll get past it. It’s easier to act wisely after an occurrence; looking back without regret. Looking forward I see my future is approaching me with ease. Reflecting backwards to my past I see it leaving me effortlessly. If I only knew now what I will know, what I did know then; could I take it easy? We walked late into the night at times holding hands on occasion intertwining fingers. Passing as if we were on parade and all eyes upon us the moon softly shone to light our way. The city square was open and bare there was not a consumer in sight. The vendors tailored to our every whim, approaching us begging for our attention entreating us to give them our consideration. The noble ones (the knights), bowing to us as we passed, made an about-face and rode away to announce our arrival. The prophets (the bishops), arriving at their stores, seem to have consulted scripture for they knew that we’d be there. The swindlers (the rooks) although not fleeing from their posts, cowered in the corners hoping to cheat their impending doom. She was their queen, their sovereign, their hope. I was her companion, her courtier and her confidant. Pondering my promotion, I realized that earlier that day I was their equal but tonight, being with her, I was their king! Coursing the cobblestone path we walked into the café; bells rang as I opened the door. She spoke to the blue haired girl behind the counter with kindness and consideration. She ordered a green tea and told her she liked her hair. I was bold and far less eco-friendly. I commanded this blue haired munchkin to provide me my usual; a cappuccino, with no sugar and just a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Actually, I politely asked for a cappuccino, I did my own cinnamon sprinkle. We walked around the café examining their trinkets and whatnots. We talked about listening to music and playing games. I wondered if she’d played chess but I didn’t ask. What seemed to be just a few fleeting moments later; I walked her home. Again I kissed her good night but this time my mind was able to linger on the thought as I floated back to my place, into bed and off to sleep.

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  1. 20090522 at 1755

    Before you mentioned the word chess, I began to wonder if all this was a game of chess, where the game has already been played, but the pieces are awakening to thier own involvement in that game, powerless cos someone else is controling them. Bit like the predestination debate I guess.
    How wrong can you be Suzieta!

    • 5ws1h
      20090522 at 1814

      Well said Suzieta,
      Sometimes we may feel like a king when in reality we’re just a pawn in somebody’s little game.
      Then again feeling like a king or queen, if only in our mind, can still do wonders for our self esteem.

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