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Attract Shone

I am ensued by an occurrence. Sometimes we make things happen Sometimes things just happen. Nevertheless we can’t make whatever happens happen. It just happens. It would be nice if from time to time we could make what we never dreamed would happen, happen but we can’t.  It never happened. When it happens to be in your power to make it happen you are powerless.  It just so happens that you feel helpless when it happens. Then again, when nothing happens, our strength and resolve are put to the test. That will never happen again; this never happened before. Doubt has no place in determining the condition of a heart. Silence may kill a conversation but the conference between our mind and their heart will continue for as long as our heart is on their mind. What could possibly be stronger then the interwoven bond of attraction between the heart and mind? There we were positioned as a king and queen standing before their subjects. The peasants and pawns continued to stream into the theater anxious of what they were about to see but she and I were relaxed. We didn’t have tickets; even in haste I was too late in acquiring them. Standing there on the terrace, over the concourse watching the crowd gathered at the entrance below, we talked. Talking with her was familiar; it was as if I had known her for many years. Standing next to me she leaned closer as she pointed to a shadow of moonlight in the distance. The attraction was natural. There’s a cushion before contact, a force is felt like the pushes and pulls of two magnets the instant before they connect. As a child I remember playing with that cushion of attraction, holding back the pull, and then rotating the magnets until feeling the push as they slide apart. Polarity is not dependent on position although sometimes we exert a pull and other times a push. I kissed her in my mind with the kiss I had kissed her with countless times before. Opening my eyes seeing that hers were still closed I was in a peaceful time and place. With the rushing of the wind around me I turned to the tap the usher placed on my shoulder and we were escorted down the stairway and out the door.

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