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Walk About

I am shadowing my pursuits. I don’t know if I’m coming or going. If I keep going down this path of disillusionment I’ll be sure to have another thing coming. I have a lot going for me yet I feel like I’m coming apart at the seams. I have a great job that’s both flexible and fun. I know this beautiful girl who’s as intelligent as she is enlightening. My future is brighter because of my friendship with the old man of the past. For the most part, things are going well. Then again, there’s him, that hooded hoodlum. With him around I may never know what this world is really coming to. Why are we so interested in the comings and goings of people we’ve never met? Today, I followed him again, it wasn’t the first time. The first time I had followed him was the day I saw him at the market. After overhearing his rambling, I couldn’t help but wonder why he was here, whose transmission he’s trying to restore and what he plans on doing with it once he receives it. I waited for him outside so when he walked out of the store, I followed him to the bank on the corner. He wasn’t in there long; however he did appear to make a deposit. He carried two bags in but only carried one bag out. I never knew commodity trading could be so simple. I hope my milk’s not spoiled. Today he walked all the way to the hospital. He could have taken the train. I thought I must be crazy for following him but I kept following anyway. Finally arriving at the E.R. he went inside. I wanted to follow him in but I wasn’t sure how close could I get without him noticing me. I was fairly certain he wasn’t aware of me following him but it was better to be safe than sorry.  Sitting on the bench outside the spinning doorway I waited for nearly half an hour. I was distracted by the ambulance that arrived, its back doors opening and an old Irish guy jumping out screaming something about rent. I didn’t notice him again until he was halfway down the sidewalk walking away. Shaking off my daze I jumped up and hurriedly caught up to him. From there I followed him to a rental car business just two blocks away. He walked around the back into the repair shop. I stopped walking and began laughing at my stupidity. The transmission he was planning to receive must have been for one of the rental cars. Speaking of renting a car, I really need to get away.

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  1. 20090521 at 1100

    Hey there, yep, from Condron!
    Well you have my intrest with this guy and I want to know why the voice is interested also, but how does one find the story b4 this?
    Sorry, not a WP person
    I like the pace and style and how you are delivering and most imp, I’d like to know more.

    • 5ws1h
      20090521 at 2040

      Thanks Suzieta,
      I too would like to know more. Especially about why I can’t remember my future.
      One reason I started writing my thoughts down was to find the answers to the many questions I have.
      Perhaps you can help me?
      You can start at the begining by clicking here
      Then at the top of that post is the navigation link to the next or previous post.
      Hope this helps?

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