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I am irritated with my contentedness. For the past few weeks I have been happy to be here. I feel accepted; I feel I belong; I feel at home. I like the old man, he’s not getting any younger living in the past, he cares nothing for the future, but we’re friends for old times’ sake if for no other reason. When I ride the train and she’s there, we talk. It’s only been a couple of times but the brevity of the reunion makes our separation seem an eternity. I’m at ease to be here together, in the same time and place. My past, her present and whether he likes it or not his future. Why am I calmly waiting on edge for an amelioration that’s sure to be brewing?  The coffee was ready but the milk had been in my humming little friend for longer then it would ever have been in a cow. I woke up to a bowl of shredded wheat and water.  After diagramming my dataset, getting dressed just enough to save embarrassment I ventured out to the market on the corner.  Walking in, I deactivated the grocer’s intruder alert system. The bells that were barely hanging to the door jamb now chimed all the way to the floor. I was hit in the head then they rolled and rang off my shoulder, onto the newspaper rack and finally coming to rest at my feet. There wasn’t a big reaction from the man behind the counter, picking up the bell belt he gave a brief glance, setting it on the shelf instigated an elevated eyebrow then both eyes back to his book.  I turned around looking down the aisle wondering if I would be paying more for my milk. Shaking my head, I did a double take of what I saw out the windows past the magazine rack. I don’t know why but I’m glad I did. He didn’t notice me ducking down the aisle since he was looking up as he was looking in. I don’t know why he would have noticed me, he doesn’t know me, but I felt the urge to hide nonetheless. Walking in, sunglasses still on, he appeared to be mumbling to himself, reminding himself of something he had forgotten. I wanted to tell him who I was, who he was, and who he would become. But I didn’t, I didn’t know, I don’t know. I walked back down the aisle gave the grocer a five and told him to keep the buck-eleven in change. He could use it to repair his alert system, I didn’t need it.

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  1. Jimney Cricket
    20090512 at 2306

    Do you know that guy? I guess you can’t remember huh…

    • 5ws1h
      20090513 at 0124

      You’re right, I can’t remember but he seems to have a shaded past.

  2. Jimney Cricket
    20090513 at 0327

    Uh oh… I’d watch out for him if I were you… well, obviously you are since you hid, but you get the idea.

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