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Vary Much

I am altering the alternatives. Change is good; regardless of the fact that nobody likes it. Change happens. Change is happening. Change will happen. Change will come; things will change. Change is what we do. We change our minds when we adjust our way of thinking. We have a change of heart when we alter our attitude.  Change is what we endeavor to do. We try to change people; we make an effort to change our place in time. We attempt to alter even the smallest of things. Despite our attempts, in time, everything goes through change. Everything changes. We go through changes as we go through time. Even when it’s time for a change, you can’t change time. Time transforms us. Times change and we with time. When we make time for someone and make changes in their lives, are we changing time?  I hadn’t played the game of chess in quite awhile, when the old man and I started a game last night. We agreed to leave the game in position at his place, to only make a move when the other is watching, and to take all the time in the world to do it.  I’m not sure who benefits more from that last rule, but I can’t help but think that I have taken more time than he ever will. While I was staging my pawns, he told me that during the war, he had worked for some sort of advanced research projects agency. They called it the armpit of the department of defense. I’m not sure who they are, he didn’t say, I assumed they were those like him. He whispered, looking to the side, as if someone else was watching, that he worked on the BCI.  He seemed nervous, shaking more than usual, apparently his working for the government, as a BCI engineer, whatever that is, wasn’t the best of times. As he was presenting his knights to the center, I inquired of the acronym, hoping for the expansion, but got none. He couldn’t tell me much, his work was classified.  Whether that was true or he was just trying to hide the fact that the memories of his work were lacking, I’m not certain.  I would guess the former since most of what he relates of the past is quite detailed. Looking over the brim of his glasses, as he contemplated his next move, he asked me if I knew what a fork was, of course I said I did.  With a fork there is more than one choice, he said. From the intent look in his eyes I got the notion that he wasn’t talking about cutlery. I left that night unsure if I should sacrifice my bishop and rook to save my queen, but at least I had a choice.

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  1. Jimney Cricket
    20090428 at 1737

    I think it’s getting better. At first it was hard to follow, but now I think it’s better. Part of it is your writing style is slightly different, better, than before. It’s good.

    Or… maybe I’m just getting used to it? ;)

    Oh, btw, did you know you can add something so people can subscribe to your feed in a way that sends an email notification when you update your blog? It would help keep up with it, just so you know. :)

    • 5ws1h
      20090428 at 1954

      Thank-you Jimney, I was thinking I had started to write more coherently, I just wasn’t sure if it was still interesting. I kind of liked the “hard to follow” approach, revealing just a few hints of an actual story.
      Trouble is when someone’s brain hurts, they don’t like to read as much, and I think I was hurting everyone’s brains. Maybe you’re just getting used to the brain pain? ;-)
      I would like to know more about the email notification thing; perhaps you can post something or email me?

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