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city1I am reluctant to owe only what I know.  I’m not hiding anything from anyone but I’m not so sure if others are trying to hide things from me.  Everything I identify I explain and show to anyone who cares to discern what I know.  Yet, for all I know, there is more than I’ll ever know.  With all future knowledge unknown I can only do my best to give an explanation of why I’m here all alone. If you know what’s good for you, what you don’t know won’t hurt you. Ignorance is bliss, but not knowing is wretchedness. If we choose to ignore our ignorance will we succeed or will we fail to find our happiness?  As daytime quickly passes by, I find myself daydreaming of sleeping at night. Sleeping has not been easy, my headaches continue to pound internally into my eyes down about my neck through my shoulders and out my arms.  Because of this pain, chaos repels quiescence and as a result my body and brain remain restless.  The nighttime passes slowly, each night surpassing the ache of the other. I made an early attempt to achieve sleep to attain the splendor of what had previously been beyond my reach. With simple taps on the keyboard and a single click of the mouse, my future was discovered before the astronomical time of twenty-one hundred. Three minutes before 9 o’clock, I found myself living in 2057.  So I stayed there to see if I could remember what I had forgotten.  What I discovered was without doubt more wonderful then I could have remembered. I witnessed a world complete and composed.  Although, it’s comprehensive appearance made me unconvinced and unsure. As I traveled in that future time, my skepticism was made certain. The city was uncommon, comical and quaint. The captures though intriguing, were more charming and amusing than interesting. The puzzles gave the impression to be rendered mysteries of my past, with the exception of the poser not being as complex as should have been considered. Then at a quarter to ten the ruse was reviled; the conspiracy uncovered the deception discovered. When I clicked on the last link, when I was at the cusp of discovering the information in the file of the future, as I was bringing it into being, it was gone. It had been removed.  Only a trace of an error remained. The disclosers no longer subsisting, I closed the portal to my past. I slept that night I was dreaming in dreamland at last.

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  1. Jimney Cricket
    20090420 at 2123

    Hey I like the pic you used for this post- it’s really cool. The whole thing is, like the way the city is nearly hidden in the fog and all that.

    • 5ws1h
      20090420 at 2224

      Thanks Jimney, yes the picture is “way” cooler then that lame-o Discovery.com website 2057, what a hoax!

      • Jimney Cricket
        20090420 at 2316

        … It definitely is rather lame. What I don’t get is why all those people who imagine so far into the future, why they think it would be that much different than we are now. (I don’t know what you picture, but somehow I don’t see you imagining flying cars and oddly-shaped buildings all over the place, and people wearing odd Star-trek style suits. Correct me if I’m wrong…)

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