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Binary Blitz

I am asleep but not unconscious.  Sleeping revitalizes the mind. Consciousness rejuvenates the senses. You cannot be conscious that you are asleep, or asleep if conscious of it.  When we ponder a puzzle we sleep on it, other than being deep in it.  You cannot have your sleep and sleep on it too.  Cognizant thought is required to make decisions. You can lose sleep over it when you sleep on it. When we lose consciousness we aren’t losing sleep were not asleep to our situation we are just unconscious of its meaning.  Can we be asleep to our situation but conscious of the consequence our sleeping creates?  Last night before I closed my eyes to fall asleep I checked the time; it was 12:22.  We observe where we are to evaluate where we’ve been when we get to where we are going. Time measures our unconsciousness. Laying there my mind was a million miles away. My eyes were shut but my thoughts were unfettered. I had the answers but couldn’t phrase the questions.  I knew magnificent meanings yet was ignorant to their subtle significances.  Not knowing, but wondering for how long I had been pondering these perplexities, I opened my eyes, and it was 1:11.  It was minutes earlier than an hour later and an integer 1,111 digits different.  I traveled in time.  Opening your eyes gives weight to what they see, and they become heavy.  Once again my heavy eyes closed, but my mind was again full of life.  I lie there motionless starring at my brain, my thoughts intently looking back. Mathematics and connotations filled my synapses.  My Temporal Lobe had dislodged and gotten out of chronological order. I needed to know when it was and where I was, what time it was and where I was in time.  I tapped to find my time was 3:33 two hundred twenty-two from what I previously knew. I awoke once more. The clock showed 4:44.  I wanted it to happen one more time I sought to see it again; I needed to travel 111 digits for another time.  Despondently I was pained to the core when I exhaustedly opened my eyes and saw it was 5:54, a time with no special significance, no deeper meaning or implication. In scrutiny of this instant I fathomed the unfathomable, the four changed to five.  It was 5:55 and I was satisfied, I was on time in my time at a time I wanted it to be. Five and a half hours of time is an eternity to a conscious mind even if it fails to fully appreciate the importance of unconsciousness.

01110111 01110111 01110111 


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