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Back Up

I am wondering about my wandering. It appears I took a little trip and had an urgent situation.  I stumbled on to, and off of something and jaunted forward. Flying blind I was wavering over the undetected. I don’t know where to begin. I’m not sure how this will end. Here’s what I remember. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Can time fly by when nothing’s being done?   I saw nothing, when I exerted my eyes open. I hadn’t plugged anything back in, except my friendly little humming friend. Rubbing my eyes, I moved my hand in front of my face, and didn’t see a thing. I still had those corrugated shields covering my window, so I had no point of reference of the outside world.  There was no time like the present.  Presently there was no time. I needed to do nothing right now, while I had no time to do it. There was no time for nothing. This was the moment I had been waiting for. Of course a humming refrigerator is doing something, so something had to stop.  Impetuously, I jumped out of bed toward my cooling companion, tripped and hit my head. I would like to say everything went black, but everything already was.  Instead for an instant there was a bright flash of light.  It wasn’t like before; I didn’t hear a booming fissure of sound.  In its place there was a soundless snap then it was gone, I was gone. This was a moving experience, so I must have experienced being moved.  Sometime later, squinting through my eyelashes, I felt I was looking into the sun. The light was so intense it was like a stage spot light pointed directly at me but only a few feet away.  Naturally the magnitude of this bright light in my face caused my eyes to flicker.  I flashed in and out of consciousness. At times I was seeing things, other times hearing things too.  Silhouettes of what I assume were surgeons surrounded the light, and there was monotonous mention of what sounded like anterograde, or interrogate him awake.  I don’t remember being interrogated; I don’t even know what interrogating awake means or even if I was the one that needed the interrogating. I did wake up though, sometime in the middle of the night or early in the morning.  I opened my eyes and I saw the light, the bright light coming through the window that separated my emergency room from the crisis center.  I was enlightened but still had no point of reference to the outside world. Not only did I not know when it was, at that time I didn’t know where I was either. I may have journeyed from obscurity to illumination, but I didn’t know where or when it happened.

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  1. Jimney Cricket
    20090401 at 2311

    Interesting. This is a good post… interesting how you end up somewhere unexpected. :)

    • 5ws1h
      20090401 at 2339

      Thanks for the comment, Jimney. Do we ever “expect” to end up where we eventually do end up?

  2. Jimney Cricket
    20090402 at 0437

    That’s a good question! That’s what I like about your blog- very philosophical and thought-provoking! Keep at it, I’ll keep checking in every now and then. :)

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