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Try Nothing

I am endeavoring to disembark. Trying has been very trying. Even when we do, or when we do not, we try.  We can’t help but try. Trying is what we do. Tried is how we feel after trying. Attempting can be annoying, when nothing is accomplished.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Nothing changes, and nothing remains the same. Nothing is ever accomplished, you can always accomplish nothing.  Trying is an achievement, and nothing else matters.  It doesn’t hurt to try. When at first we don’t succeed we try and try again. Will you try to try when trying is trying? I keep thinking of the night I lost power. I can’t stop thinking of what happened. If nothing’s wrong with me, I need to make nothing right. There were no street lights, no familiar and friendly sounds, and no touch of tranquility in the air. There was nothing.  Nothing was accomplished, and I did nothing to accomplish it.  Nothing just happened.  Today I tried to do nothing again.  I card-boarded up my window, I unplugged my refrigerator and fan. Nothing was needed. Nothing was left on. I put a rolled up towel under my door, something I hadn’t had to do before.  I tried to recreate the obscurity of that night, the mystery of that moment.  I laid there in bed, wild wonderment racing in my head.  I looked to the right, looked to the left and looked straight ahead.  I got in and out of bed.  I sat up, I sat down. I got up and walked all around. I saw nothing, and nothing happened.  Nothing is free, but I spent a lot of time doing nothing. I accomplished nothing. Trying to do nothing is doing something, but you can’t blame me for trying.

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  1. 20090325 at 1905

    I think you have a sense of humor but it is hard to tell. Like the way you write. So here I am trying to make a comment and trying to say the right thing. Why do we all keep trying???

    • 5ws1h
      20090325 at 2021

      Thanks Margaret for the comment. Remember it doesn’t hurt to try!

  2. 20090329 at 2053

    Nice article and well written. YOu should be a professional writer!
    I will keep trying !

    • 5ws1h
      20090330 at 0021

      Thanks for the compliment todd. Can we enjoy writing to live as much as living to write?
      It’s trying, but it’s what we do.

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  2. 20090423 at 1924

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