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End Game

I am going out of my mind.  I tried to rent a car and go out of town.  I happened to meet the old man this morning. He and I were talking while in line waiting for some coffee.  I told him how everything in my life seemed better since I was focused on the here and now.  He suggested that I should also get away. Sometimes when you get far enough away from something, you can see the big picture better.  So I thought to myself yeah, why not. Now I know why not. Why was I trying to go where I’ve never been? I was feeling great, I needed a break.  That’s when everything came to a screeching halt. On my way out of the city listening to “The Metro“, and feeling good, the car suddenly stopped.  It had a full tank of gas, I could restart the engine.  The engine was running fine, it just wouldn’t move.  I could put it in reverse, and it would move backwards.  When I would move forward again it would just stop.  I even put it in reverse, did a 180 and tried driving backwards.  I was desperate, I could have been arrested.  I guess I was arrested.  Somehow, in some way I am detained.  There is virtually nowhere I can go!  Looks like the dark clouds of my reality have slowly made their way back into my life.  So here I am, back here, writing this, so much for happy endings.

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