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Home Again

I am seeing my past by remembering my future.  By being where I’ve been, I am remembering where I’m from.  Being here in this time I remember a time to come. I will as we all do, inevitably arrive to that time or sometime in the future.  I will get to my future. Everyone does. Sooner or later our future will arrive.  No matter what we do or what’s been done our future will come. I awoke early this morning at a different time then any time before.  No lights were on, no sounds, all was still, all was quiet, all was dark.  The humming of the refrigerator, the sound that keeps me up wondering how something that small can make a noise that big, was silent.  The air was still. The fan had stopped. The feel of the cool light touch of air moving across my arms, the touch that caressed me to sleep was gone.  It was only for a moment, but I was worried, I missed seeing the street lights through the window shades change for yellow to red to green.   Was I here or was I home?  As I looked around the room to find anything familiar, I found comfort in the slow flashing blue glow of the battery light on my netbook.  It seemed to soothe me back to sleep, to comfort me.  When everything around me had changed, when everything was different it was the same.  I liked that.  I relaxed and was just about spent when the power suddenly came back on.  A bright light flashed, it seemed to fill up the room, and my eyes had not adjusted.  I heard that sound when the switch is thrown and all the lights in a stadium come on at once.  Just as fast as the light flashed on it flashed off.  Everything was back, I was back, and it was back on.  The air was moving ever so slightly over my arms, my companion the larger than life refrigerator was humming to me again.  I was comforted to see the street lights through the window again, this time flashing only red.  I drifted back to sleep as my heart was gradually slowing down.  I was here, I was home.

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